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Potion of Herding Vinyl Sticker

Potion of Herding Vinyl Sticker

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Pick up a potion of Herding. This potion has a fresh, but slightly earthen taste. After drinking, the air around you gains a wet, mossy scent, and you'll have the ability to understand and talk to animals.

Decorate your laptop, journal, water bottle, or even your phone with this bright green glittery D&D sticker.

Whether you are planning a RPG bujo spread, or you want to be prepared for your next dungeon crawl, this sticker is a perfect way to show your passion for all things high fantasy.

Key Features

  • Waterproof vinyl
  • Glitter Details
  • 55mm x 50mm (approx)
  • UV Protected

This animal potion sticker is printed on waterproof, weatherproof vinyl, and has a glitter effect applied to the potion inside the bottle, giving it an iridescent sparkle. This sticker is dishwasher safe, and will last outside for 3-5 years.

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