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Goblin Cleric Art Print

Goblin Cleric Art Print

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Deep in a dark dungeon, a Goblin cleric goes on their first adventure, hoping to score big.

The townsfolk directed him to a low level dungeon filled with rats, but he's never been too great with directions. Was it east for 2 miles then due north, or south 2 miles then due east?

Either way, this cleric is several floors deep and has yet to see any vermin. An ominous energy, and the smell of burning fills the air.

Giant claw marks line the walls, and as he hears a low growl up ahead, the intrepid level-1 cleric can't help but wonder "How big are these rats?"


Whether you're an avid TTRPG player, or you just love RPGs, put this print on your wall to add some high fantasy to your daily life. 

Key Features

  • A5 size - 148mm x 210mm
  • A6 size - 105mm x 148mm
  • 265gsm, Satin Finish
  • Curiously ominous

This goblin cleric print is printed on high end satin cardstock, and has a soft sheen. It is packaged in a cello bag, and shipped in a study, card backed envelope. The print displayed in the listing photos is A5.

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