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Dark Academia Goblin Vinyl Sticker Sheet

Dark Academia Goblin Vinyl Sticker Sheet

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A knock on Duglauss' office door at this late hour can mean only one thing - the local law enforcement need the assistance of the wise old goblin, and his bright eyed apprentice, Droop.

And now you can bring the whimsy of Duglauss' office into your everyday with this Goblin sticker sheet, containing various sized stickers.

Whether you are planning a goblincore BuJo layout, or you are just drawn to goblins navigating high society, this sticker sheet is a perfect way to show your passion for all things goblin.

Key Features

  • Water-resistant vinyl
  • Holographic Laminate
  • A6 - 148mm x 210mm (approx)
  • Sophisticated Goblins

This Dark Academia Goblin Sticker sheet is printed on adhesive vinyl, and has a holographic laminate applied to the top, giving it a glossy holo finish. While this sticker is water-resistant, avoid leaving it in the rain/putting it in the dishwasher.

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High quality, vibrant stickers with good adhesive